It Takes Time to Sparkle.

We appreciate you, your business and your patience this season.

This season we have faced a few hurdles in our operations that have left us a little bit behind and we want to express to you our deepest appreciation for your understanding as we get things caught up here at the Cider Keg Wholesale Production facility.  

Unfortunately, this past year we lost an integral senior member of our team to an illness, and we are still trying to balance out our processes. In addition, and we hate to say it, the supply chain issues have caused hold-ups in machinery maintenance and repairs and delayed the upgrades that we had hoped would have assisted in getting our production caught up.  

Don’t worry; we are still pressing and bottling products, so hang tight.

We are taking action and working to  overcome these obstacles and fulfill all our client's needs in a timely fashion. We are investing in new technologies, working towards increasing capacities and hiring additional staff.


If you have any questions regarding delivery timelines or custom pressing, please do not hesitate to give us a call 519-426-0705, or send us an email  

Thank you again for your understanding and patience as we move forward in serving Southern Ontario and beyond.

Cheryl Peck
Head of Wholesale Operations