Sparkling Christmas Punch

Apple Cider Punch Ingredients

· 1 jug 2L Cider Keg fresh pressed fresh apple cider

· 1- bottle 750 ml. Cider Keg spiced apple sparkling cider

· 2 oranges, juice only

· 2 oranges sliced in rounds and frozen on a tray for decoration and to keep the punch cold.

· 1 lime, juice only

· 1 lemon, juice only

· 1 honeycrisp apples, sliced rounds and de-seeded so the star in the centre of the apple shows for decoration.

· 6 star anise pieces, plus additional for garnish (optional)

· ¼ cup fresh cranberries, frozen on their own or in ice cubes.

· 3 cinnamon sticks

· 1 cup vodka or light rum (optional)

Bubbly, festive, and a total snap to stir together, this easy Christmas punch is light, refreshing, and not at all overly sweet.

It takes less than fifteen minutes prep time and would be a lovely, useful centerpiece at any holiday party because:

· It’s simple but beautiful, with the right amount of holiday sparkle.

· Guests will love it (and love you for making it!).

· Crowd control. Think of holiday punch as your party’s water cooler. Guests will flock wherever it’s placed.

No punch bowl?

· Mix this recipe up in a big pitcher, or divide it between two smaller pitchers. · Try placing it in a large drink dispenser (don’t forget a cup or towel to catch any drips).

Dark Rum or Brandy. Rich, spicy, and fun. I preferred this as a Christmas rum punch, but if you’d like something a little sweeter, brandy is a good option.

· Oranges. For a hint of citrus and beautiful color.

· Cranberries. Fresh cranberries are important here. I love the look of fresh cranberries floating on top too. Cranberries and oranges are the perfect holiday garnishes.

· And, lots of ice!

The Directions

1. Chill all the ingredients to make sure your punch is nice and cold.

2. Prep in advance. Freeze orange rounds, cranberries on a cookie sheet so they can be separated individually.

3. Fill a large punch bowl (or pitcher) with ice, and top with all the ingredients except the oranges, apples and cranberries. Give it a quick stir. Last, top with the oranges and cranberries to beautify it. ENJOY!