• Easy Apple Turnovers

    INGREDIENTS Cider Kegs Apple Pie in a Jar or any other kind ( Bumble-berry, Elderberry, Raspberry, etc).  Homemade pastry dough or store bought cr...
  • Apple Cider Vinaigrette

    INGREDIENTS 1 garlic clove minced  1 tbs. dijon mustard  1/4 Cider Keg Apple Cider Vinegar  2 tbs. Lemon Juice  1-2 tbs Honey  1/3 Cup of Olive Oi...
  • Tangy Peach Dip

    A delicious dip for chicken nuggets or chicken skewers. 
  • Light and Easy Salad Dressing

    INGREDIENTS 1/2 c. Non-fat or low fat mayonnaise  1/2 c. Cider Keg Mom's Cucumber relish  2 tbsp. Skim Milk  1 tbsp. White vinegar  1 tbsp. Choppe...
  • Quick and Easy Salad Dip

    This is a very versatile sauce that can be used instead of ketchup or in your favourite recipes.
  • Terrific Tartar

    Make a fish dish perfect 
  • Mockmosa

    Great grape and orange juice drink!
  • Raspberry Patch

    Summer time alcoholic drink!
  • Sparkling Orangerade

    This is a simple drink that is great and handy for children in the summer. It is also popular refresher for adults too. 
  • Cranberry Tea Punch

    Delicious homemade cranberry tea.
  • Cider Sangria

    Spice up your sangria recipe with the Cider Keg Sparkling Cider. 
  • Sunrise Champagne

    This is a non-Alcoholic drink excellent for kids, or for those non alcoholic drinkers. All it contains is our Sparkling Peach cider with some orange juice each at an equal amount.